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Bind to distinction

SIDAR Company presented a good example for the professional real-estate business since existence in Algeria where it cared to develop fine and modern architecture touch that made a new sense of the architectural designs in Algeria.

SIDAR has accomplished a huge program of projects beginning with residential projects with fine architectural style. After that Sidar has developed new direction to establish commercial centers and modern business centers such as "Al Quds" trade & business center which is considered the largest center in Algeria till now

The marvelous beginning of SIDAR in Algeria has encouraged an intensive work plan afterwards. The company entered an extended program in tourism field represented in establishing touristic villages in several states of the Algerian coast, as well as Business & Trade Centers.


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AL Mohamadia International Business Commercial Center

AL Mohamadia International Business Commercial Center is in the eastern part of Algiers at Eddar El Baidha district, AL Mohamadiah Municipality. It is about 15 minutes far from the capital and 10 minutes from Algiers international airport. Its location makes it unique because it is near the following: National center for commercial registration "CNRC", ...